We are dedicated to providing free computers, software,and  business  start-up assistance while fostering awareness of our environment, turning used computers into opportunities for  veterans and their family members.  Providing veteran’s  information about the opportunities available to them and essential tools to pursue those opportunities


We have developed an entrepreneurial program to support veterans and their family members that wish to start and or continue to develop an existing business. This program includes classes, (Online and classroom) for basic business start-up, and work stations which include Internet, desk, computers with essential software, and local business experts that will provide ongoing seminars.



Our Green program provides certification and hands on training in the Recycling and Refurbishing industry. 


 To date this program has also disposed of over 70 tons of toxic waste and materials while reusing approximately 800 computers and computer peripherals.




We will pick up all e-waste (Electronic waste) for FREE, provide a tax certificate for each item, and list you with our alliances and on our website as a contributor to veterans’ education and helping to provide free resources for veterans and their family members.










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  1. I will be s.tarting a certification program on 1/20/2015. Just last week my current laptop that I was using just went out , and I am currently unemployed and don’t have the funds to fix or get a new one. It would help out greatly if y’all could bless me with a working laptop to help me succeed. Thank you.

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