We are dedicated to providing free computers, software,and  business  start-up assistance while fostering awareness of our environment, turning used computers into opportunities for  veterans and their family members.  Providing veteran’s  information about the opportunities available to them and essential tools to pursue those opportunities


Entrepreneurial Program

Developed  to support veterans and their family members that wish to start and or continue to develop an existing business. This program includes classes, (Online and classroom) for basic business start-up, and work stations which include Internet, desk, computers with essential software, and local business experts that will provide ongoing seminars.


All classes use veteran volunteer mentors & instructorsaDSCN1439

Mind Mapping & IoT (Internet of Things)

As part of this incubator program we are reintroducing mind mapping for an organizational structure which has integrated technology and will provide a take away program to refer to once training has been completed.

3d and mm and iot

Each click on a branch brings up new information on that topic. This can include media, links, etc.

3D Printing

The existing applications already are in need of those trained to operate, maintain, and enhance functionality. The wave of the future is limited only by our own imaginations.





Our Green program provides certification and hands on training in the Recycling and Refurbishing industry. 


 To date this program has also disposed of over 70 tons of toxic waste and materials while reusing approximately 800 computers and computer peripherals.


E waste event Chula Vista, 02/14

We will pick up all e-waste (Electronic waste) for FREE, provide a tax certificate for each item, and list you with our alliances and on our website as a contributor to veterans’ education and helping to provide free resources for veterans and their family members.

Equal Digital Access, we are partnered with other foundations that promote affordable Internet access for all. Internet with a computer are essential tools in today’s society

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IoT (Internet of Things)




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11 thoughts on “HOME”

  1. I will be s.tarting a certification program on 1/20/2015. Just last week my current laptop that I was using just went out , and I am currently unemployed and don’t have the funds to fix or get a new one. It would help out greatly if y’all could bless me with a working laptop to help me succeed. Thank you.

  2. I have a friend who is a disabled unemployed vet and is in need of a computer how can he obtain one from you? If I wasn’t on disability I would buy him one myself but I do not have the money for that.

  3. I am a 58 year old veteran without a job (or likely to get one due to age and disability) so my only income is a General Assistance check and food stamps. I have a computer but my monitor died last week and I have no way to fix or get a new one. If you people could help or point me to someone who can I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  4. I’m a Navy vet currently attending San Diego city college. All my class work is done on the computer an I’m unable 2 study at home. I’m in a great need for a lap top. Can you please help me

  5. Hey, I am just a recent college graduate of June 14, finally got a job March 2015. My laptop that I had for years gave out and I am limited on resources. I am in the IT field and need a laptop for personal use since I need to keep studying/practice with labs and other programs. The VA already bought me the laptop back in 2009 and it broke. I don’t have the funds right now and need to pay bills off with the first few pay checks, how do I go about getting a laptop?

  6. Dear Mike, I met you out side Honoring our Troops. I’m a Viet Nam combat Vet. I am old but still learning.i can’t aford a lap top to broaden my horizons. If you could please help me it
    would be advantages to me .
    Thank you sir
    Mr Lee

  7. I am a disabled veteran and I’m currently a full-time student/part-time worker. I recently found out my girlfriend is pregnant. Trying to make ends meet has been difficult and they’re about to become even more difficult. Both of our laptops recently crashed so neither of us can do our schoolwork and we can’t afford to replace them. How does this program work and how do I apply for a laptop? Thank you. Also this is a great program and all of you are incredibly selfless. Thank you for you generosity. Have a great day.

  8. I am a medically retired Army veteran and in need of a laptop. I really need it as I am trying to go back to school and I have will assignments that will have to be typed up. I do not have the money to afford one. Thank you for everything this organization does.

  9. I am a disable vet with a 60% disability. I am currently enrolled at UTSA and take online courses. My computer’s hard Drive crashed and now I don’t have a computer to use. I have to go to the lab or the library for computer access. I currently don’t have the funds to buy a new computer. I would appreciate a used or refurbished computer. I would make my transition so much easier.

  10. Hello My Name is Tim Parsells. I started receiving service connection disability at a rating of 40% approx. 1 yr. ago. I am currently appealing that decision with the VA through a hired private attorney. I trying to get enrolled at Sante Fe Community College here in Florida and I don’t have any means to afford a lap top, desk top, ipad, notepad, any that I am needing to do all the things you need with a computer along with internet access. Thank you for your time.

  11. If you are not going to help me or others, would you please show the courtesy of at least notifying us of that? Thank you.

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